Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Definition of Best Friend

I have some awesome friends, they are my besties. These are the girls who have stuck by my side through the thickest of the thick, and I just love them so much that words can't even do it justice. I don't know how I would have coped through this deployment without their sweet words of encouragement, then continuously telling me what a great job I am doing, and backing up my choices (no matter how tough they are to make). This deployment has shown me more than ever who is really there for me, and who genuinely cares. I have made some new and incredible friends, and I have also lost some. Like I have stated in the past...the Lord giveth and he taketh away. Everything happens for a reason, even when you don't know what that reason is.

The day started out crappy to say the least. The kids didn't go to bed until way past their bedtimes last night. I figured they would just sleep in and I could get some studying done or some things accomplished around the house. Let me tell you, I couldn't have been more wrong. So when Randy woke up an hour earlier than he usually does, and he went to bed THREE hours late, I yes again ASSUMED he would take a decent nap. Yet again, I am a complete idiot. He screamed his head off from about 7am until after lunch time. (Except for the 20 minutes Dole and I were on the webcam of course -- how come daddys always get the good side of the kids?!)

Hannah and I did our usual 3-5 phone calls to each other during the course of the day (and yes, we live about 5 minutes away on post). She and I both did not accomplish as much as we should or could of, and we were being complete crankypants. Not to each other, heck, we even got a few good laughs in. (There is a point to his I swear!)

Sooooo she decided to make breakfast for dinner, but after telling the kids this she realizes she is out of Bisquick. When you have a 4 and a 5 year old that are really excited about having pancakes for dinner, this is NOT GOOD!!! Luckily I am a Sam's Club-aholic, so I have my super economy box...I measure out the 2 cups, stick in a plastic baggie and took off to her rescue. SO I am in the car, and I flipped thru the stations and settled on this rockin song on the Christian station (88.3 WAY FM). The more I listened, the more I fell in love with the song. It's what you would get if the Black Eyed Peas sang Christian music.

I get out of the car with Hannah's goodies in my hands (which included some celebrity gossip mags and the new VS catalogs)...and I say, "Does WAY FM have a website that I can find out which song was just played, this is going to bug the crap out of me until I figured it out!" She asked how it went, and of course I just stand there like "duhhhhh ummmm it had the word victorious in it teehee". No lying, the girl hands me a she had burned for me while I was on my way over, and it's got that song on it!!! There is NO WAY she could have known I would hear it on my way over, she just burned it because she thought I would like it (and boy she was right). I am now in love with Group 1 Crew who sings the song (called "Keys to the Kingdom").

She melted my heart, and also gave me some double chocolate's to amazing friendsm with amazing intuition!!!

My bestie Jenna is recovering from her surgery, her husband is getting to stay home until May to help her out with their 3 children. I am so happy he got to stay home, I offered to come help out after he left (he was only supposed to come home for a week) but it looks like they got it covered!

In other trajic knews, my bestie Christina broke her ankle...teaching her son to rollerskate at a birthday party no less. BTW Christina I hope you are reading this...Dole laughed at you! So now she is also forced to take a break, and the men of the house are forced to give a helping hand with the household. A little taste of what the daily grind is like for her won't hurt them, that's for sure!

Well I have a TON of school work to do...a 10 page paper for psychology needs a topic chosen, I have 9 essays due by April 1st for my World Civilization class, not to mention the other psychology work that's coming up. Ho hum, such is life. I have to say, I am glad I decided to start going to school to fill the time until he comes home...I won't be like half the wives I have met here who are still slutting around Ft Campbell two days before their husband comes home from Iraq. You can do one of two things while your husband is gone...pour your heart and soul into everything you can to pass the time and be PRODUCTIVE, or you can throw your marriage down the shitter and whore around. Needless to say, I like being productive. I am a fan of my marriage too, so I'd like to keep it intact (although I am sure there are some people who would loooove to see me screw it up).

Friday, March 20, 2009

Today did not begin well at all. Dole and I are so fed up with this deployment, it's eating at our patience with each other. Thank God our love for each other is strong, and we both know how to make a swift heartfelt apology and admit when we are wrong. This deployment is tough, but we are stronger.

I had plans to go out and get some shopping done, and I am glad I waited because someone offered to watch the kids for me so I could go out in peace and quiet. I ended up getting my nails done, which I have meaning to do forever...and I got some silly things from the PX that we have been needing but I always forget. They had the Cherry Blossom Market on clearance (it's part of the Rose Petal Cottage line), so I picked it up for Alanna. I figured she could set it up out on the back patio since the weather has been so nice! Lord only knows where I will keep it when it's not outside, but I will figure it out I guess. Maybe this can convince her to donate some more of her toys to make space for it in her room.

My neighbor Chardonnay's son had his 2nd birthday party tonight at Chuck-E-Cheese, and we were an hour late. Randy was a crappy napper today so when it was time to go and he was still sleeping, I let the kid sleep. Alanna had a nice time anyway and got have cake, so it all worked out.

I feel sorry for whoever actually reads this blog, it's so boring...I need to spice it up a bit I guess.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I forgot to post why I didn't post for a few days. The kids got really sick, and I was just burnt out nursing my kiddos back to health. Randy got RSV and a double ear infection, to the point he was in respiratory distress. We went to the doctor and his O2 saturation & hydration was good so they didn't admit him. Alanna is older so her body didn't take it as rough as Randy's (although she had a fever for 3 days that worried me!) I got a little bit of it, but not nearly as bad as the babes.

They are doing much better now, since Monday morning they have made a nice recovery. I am still wiping snot, but hey, they can breathe! I am catching up on my sleep now that they are feeling better and only waking up once or twice at night as opposed to ALL night.

For those of you I spoke to, thank you for your prayers and encouragement. If it weren't for Hannah being here for me I woulnd't have known what the heck to do! You know you have a great friend when she has 3 kids of her own (one being sick as well with RSV - we think we got it from one of the babies in the church daycare), a deployed husband, yet STILL took Alanna for me so I could get Randy checked out. I am so blessed.
Today was very eventful, which is wonderful when all you want in the world is for time to fly by. Alyssa emailed me this morning saying she was bored, asking if I would like some company, so I jumped on it! I love having her around, and so do the kids. When I was 13, I know I took any escape route possible to break the monotony even just the slightest bit. Plus, I think it's important for Alanna to bond with her sister. We got some yard work done (I have an evil evil evil bush in my back yard, it's horrendous), so we trimmed my bush ahhahahahah. We watched the last episode of House, MD and baked some cookies. We went for a walk since it was in the high 50's today, it was nice to get out and move about in this sunny weather!

My neighbor invited us to her son's 2nd birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese tomorrow. Awesome, that place on a Friday night...I would rather play in battery acid...but hell, it's for the kids, right? Alanna has been begging me to go, but with the weather being so nice (that and the fact we have a playground in our back yard) I don't see the point in spending money to go play inside.

I am getting some school work done, hooray for motivation! Now that the kids have been feeling better I am catching up on some much needed sleep. Do you have any idea how hard it is to study World Civilization when you are mentally and physically exhausted? At least Developmental Psychology is interesting!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a day. At least I got some sun, that's all I can say. It ended well enough, but I had some ornery children. I had a lot of motivation to do great things, but too many things holding me back from doing them. Pfft. I got the front yard cleaned up the rest of the way, which included raking under my bush (hahahhahahah NO you pervs). I got my Victoria's Secret order today and my Arbonne order. I was thrilled about both, but in the mood I was in, maybe trying on lingerie wasn't the best idea. I felt like 10 lbs of shit stuffed into a 5 lb sack. Hannah and I had quite the comical conversation while I was debating whether or not to return it all. Well, I am keeping it, but now I have to work my ass off and pray I look like one of the VS models before the end of May. I miss my pre-child body...c'est la vie.

If you want a little husband gave me an allowance today, for Victoria's Secret. I now have a set amount I HAVE to spend each month, and if I don't use that set amount, it gets rolled over to the next month. Mind you, this allowance is not to decrease my spending, it is to ENSURE I spend it. My husband is the type of guy that if I don't get something for myself, he goes and picks it out. To ensure I get what I want, I will place the orders myself. Oh darn :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I accomplished so much today, I feel awesome! I went to the PX and picked up gardening tools (since all we had is a plastic rake), topsoil, potting soil, pots, bulbs, etc. I went home and got the 10 ft or so of dirt all turned over and took the weeds out (no simple task in clay soil BY HAND), planted my bulbs and Alanna's strawberries. She is so thrilled that she now has her own little garden!!! I know I am going to have to pry her away from them, the kid is already asking when we can eat the strawberries!!!

We are counting down the day til Dole comes home, his flight keeps getting all switched around...but hey, that's the Army for ya!

My bestie is going in for surgery tomorrow, I am praying for her. Her hubby got to come home from Afghanistan to take care of their 3 children, so not all is lost. Not to mention a week laid up will be good for her!!! I know I would take surgery right now in a heartbeat if it meant I got some rest and got to read ahhahaha.

Well I feel like I was rode hard and put away wet, my shoulders ache from all the digging. Bed time for the cranky girl ♥