Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stress, Stress, and more stress...

It's late, I have to get some rest, but I need to blog. Surgery for my wisdom teeth is on Tuesday morning, and I have quite a bit of school work due right after that so I am rushing to get it all done by Monday night. FUN. Not so bad for my psychology class, but the history class...I will be the best feeling in the world when I submit my final exam. That means it's OVER. I think I can manage to pull off a B, but that rots since I have worked so darn hard but my teacher doesn't explain anything! He gives us questions to answer, but doesn't tell us how long the response should be...when I emailed him to ask, he didn't get back to me until AFTER I had to submit it. For a class that only has 3 exams for the whole term, it ROTS when you get a 75% on the first one! I got an 85% on the next one, and hopefully this one will be about the same. Ugh.

So on a brighter note, even though I am cramming for school, I have made it a priority to see my girlfriends too. Today I went to Hannah's so the kids could play for a bit, then off to Amanda & Patrick's (after transplanting some flowers Hannah gave me!) for a BBQ...then I swung by Anita's to say hi real quick and they invited me to stay for a bit. The kids were amazing, and we had such a great time! This morning on the webcam Randy waved to his daddy...the first time he ever waved! He also clapped his hands for the first time! All in front of his daddy :)

Tomorrow is church, then hanging with my Hannah...then off to a birthday party for our friend's son (we knew them from NY, the husband was in our old unit & just got stationed here)...then off to Anita's for a BBQ/party thing. Her hubby got back a little over two weeks ago and I got to seem him tonight. If only mine could come home now...

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  1. Look at that cute big boy!!!! I miss you guys!!!!

    Lots and lots of love!!