Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crazies on Campbell!!! (YES, MORE of them!)

Soooo, on Thursday I had some friends over and we let the kids go outside to play. Within a few minutes some bigger girl (about 7-8 years old) pushed Alanna off the merry-go-round into this stinky stagnant mud puddle and KICKED my baby girl!!! She had mud EVERYWHERE, in her hair, her mouth, her eyes, her get the point. So this little girl started coming towards me (she was about 50 yards away) and saying "She was...", and I yelled "STOP, I saw the whole thing, do NOT come near my daughter, you have done enough damage, I have a good mind to go find your mother".

The little girl runs home, I get Alanna in the house and my friend Amanda starts to clean her up for me. I went across the playground to get Kaylei (Amanda's daughter), and about 5 other kids started telling me what happened and I told them I saw it, but thanked them for letting me know. Well, as I am walking Kaylei back this woman comes flying out of her house screaming every cuss word in the book in front of all the neighborhood kids...threatening me for yelling at her daughter. I said something about white trash, told her she was inappropriate for cussing in front children, I see where her daughter got her manners, etc.

I called the MP's to report it, and the one guy took my statement (just in case this woman tried anything in the future), and the her kids can't go to our playground anymore. Well there were 2 other MP's going in and out of my house, and my kitchen doorway is right next to my front door, and they were standing in my kitchen where I couldn't see them.

Well, I go to take my Vicodan (I have 2 wisdom teeth that are scheduled for surgery on the 28th...I am in excruciating pain until then)...and they whole bottle is GONE...just GONE. The people that were in my house that day had been in my house every single day since I got my pills, so I highly doubt they took them. Not only that, but these people are the furthest thing from dirt bags, I don't hang out with slime (anymore lol). Not only that, one is breastfeeding, the other one my husband and I consider family and it's not even a question that he would have done it, and the other person divorced her ex husband because he was heavy into drugs, especially pills. It's not just unlikely that any of these people would have taken them, but it's damn near impossible. BUT I know for a fact that the MP's here have been investigated previously for drugs, AND I have heard first-hand stories of people doing drugs WITH the MP's. SO when my Vicodan went missing, it was OBVIOUS who did it.

Needless to say, I had no painkillers so I went to bed in horrible pain and slept like garbage. I went the next morning and filled my new script so I am not totally screwed, but I am so furious that the people you are supposed to TRUST in your home STEAL from you. Oh I am furious.

BUT the reason I haven't been blogging much is because of school. I got 100 out of 100 points on my 10 page paper, 10 out of 10 points on my 3 page paper, and an 85 on my history exam which was 30 paragraph essays. Yay!!!

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