Sunday, March 29, 2009


Randy has been sick AGAIN...fever, and he vomited twice (not even remotely like baby spit-up, the nasty kind that is projectile and covers everything in its path). The first time was when I had my friend Anita and Wendy over for dinner and we had JUST finished eating. Thank GOD Wendy used to be a trauma nurse so she is quite accustomed to human waste. Poor Anita...she just can't hang with the puke (which I was COVERED in from the waste down, and Randy was totally drenched in). While I was changing my soppy clothes, they were awesome and changed him and jammied him up :) I love my girlfriends!!!

Of course, I barely got ANY studying done so now I am cramming it into every single moment I have. Lots of work to do and not enough time without screaming children. Not to mention Alanna has been acting like a monster...ohhhhh she has been making me sooo mad!!! I tell her not to do something, so she sticks her tongue out at me. I tell her to do something, I get "I don't want to".

What am I to do?! I have to spend the time studying that I SHOULD be spending with my insane child...maybe she is just looking for attention. LESS THAN TWO MORE MONTHS OF THIS INSANITY WOOHOO!!! Dole should be home in about 6 weeks, that's the consensus.

The A's came by and watched the kids for me so I could run to the the commissary, and they are helping me out Tuesday when I go pick up our new living room furniture. We are getting a new entertainment center, end tables and a coffee table. They are Ashley, and really super nice! I am buying big baskets to go underneath (one under each end table for the kids' toys, and two under the coffee table for magazines and other such adult crap we shall accumulate)...I am going to check out Wal-Mart, Target and Pier1 I suppose. The hunt begins. BOTH the super perfect awesome couches I wanted were sold over the weekend, I hope I find something amazing!!! I am not going out to buy new ones, but if a great deal comes along on then I will snatch it right up!!! I know what I want and I am now it's just a matter of keeping my eyes out.

Off to do some more work, I am almost done with my history exam (which consists of 10 questions that contain 3 essay questions each)...and studying for a 3 chapter test for psychology. When Dole comes home I will be done with spring semester, so I will have a nice 2 or 3 month break to refresh the brain cells...

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