Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today was very eventful, which is wonderful when all you want in the world is for time to fly by. Alyssa emailed me this morning saying she was bored, asking if I would like some company, so I jumped on it! I love having her around, and so do the kids. When I was 13, I know I took any escape route possible to break the monotony even just the slightest bit. Plus, I think it's important for Alanna to bond with her sister. We got some yard work done (I have an evil evil evil bush in my back yard, it's horrendous), so we trimmed my bush ahhahahahah. We watched the last episode of House, MD and baked some cookies. We went for a walk since it was in the high 50's today, it was nice to get out and move about in this sunny weather!

My neighbor invited us to her son's 2nd birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese tomorrow. Awesome, that place on a Friday night...I would rather play in battery acid...but hell, it's for the kids, right? Alanna has been begging me to go, but with the weather being so nice (that and the fact we have a playground in our back yard) I don't see the point in spending money to go play inside.

I am getting some school work done, hooray for motivation! Now that the kids have been feeling better I am catching up on some much needed sleep. Do you have any idea how hard it is to study World Civilization when you are mentally and physically exhausted? At least Developmental Psychology is interesting!

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