Friday, March 20, 2009

Today did not begin well at all. Dole and I are so fed up with this deployment, it's eating at our patience with each other. Thank God our love for each other is strong, and we both know how to make a swift heartfelt apology and admit when we are wrong. This deployment is tough, but we are stronger.

I had plans to go out and get some shopping done, and I am glad I waited because someone offered to watch the kids for me so I could go out in peace and quiet. I ended up getting my nails done, which I have meaning to do forever...and I got some silly things from the PX that we have been needing but I always forget. They had the Cherry Blossom Market on clearance (it's part of the Rose Petal Cottage line), so I picked it up for Alanna. I figured she could set it up out on the back patio since the weather has been so nice! Lord only knows where I will keep it when it's not outside, but I will figure it out I guess. Maybe this can convince her to donate some more of her toys to make space for it in her room.

My neighbor Chardonnay's son had his 2nd birthday party tonight at Chuck-E-Cheese, and we were an hour late. Randy was a crappy napper today so when it was time to go and he was still sleeping, I let the kid sleep. Alanna had a nice time anyway and got have cake, so it all worked out.

I feel sorry for whoever actually reads this blog, it's so boring...I need to spice it up a bit I guess.

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