Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh and Yeahhhhh

Hannah is superbly smart and decided not to drag her three children out today to get the few staple items before the BIG grocery shopping...CAN YOU BLAME THE GIRL? NO. So since I didn't have my kids with me I picked up her kibble and dropped it off before going home. Not a minute had passed when she says "You're totally different without your kids with you." Now, for those of you who don't know Hannah well, she is not one of those people to insult you, so I knew it HAD to be different in a good way. Then she says "When our husbands come home and we actually get to hang out without our kids, it will be like meeting two entirely new people!"

SHE COULDN'T BE MORE RIGHT! I mean come on, if we are such amazing friends with our 5 children swarming about us 24/7, then it's gonna be INCREDIBLE when we don't have monkeys hanging off our backs, ankles (and boobs). Anyone who can maintain a friendship during the roughest times in each others lives will most assuredly have a BLAST when things start to go a little more smoothly again! Crap, we have been "single" moms since we met about 6 months ago! When I say "single moms", I mean single in the respect that we have to do everything alone...including SLEEP alone (for those of you that think that when your husband is deployed it's perfectly okay to sleep with another man...or even worse, MEN).

I miss my girls from back home much it hurts. BUT I am glad I have the few great friends I have here to ease some of the heartache of missin my besties!!!

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