Monday, March 30, 2009

New Living Room!!!

So today I got the urging to go to Chuck's Furniture (where we got our bedroom set), and fell in love with this couch. I haggled a bit, and wasn't happy with the price so I told them I would be back if I couldn't find a better price. On my way out the door they lowered it by TWO HUNDRED bucks, and threw in a free 5-year warranty. Awesome...that means I didn't have to drag two insane kids to other stores, woohoo!!! I am going to pick up my new living room set in the morning from one of the girls on post (I found an Ashley entertainment center, coffee table and two end tables for $250, she says they are immaculate, only 9 months old).

Tomorrow, we will have a totally new living room. I am just sad that Dole isn't here to do this, but at the same time he can just come home and everything will be amazing...and without all the work!

Off to talk to the honey now...

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