Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From scratch

I decided to start my blog again. I removed all the old postings and just started from scratch. Since I last wrote, life has changed so much. I went to NY for 5 weeks for the holidays, and since I got home life has been insane. Good, but insane. I have been in school full-time, with 2 kids and a deployed blogging came last for a while. Life has changed drastically for me in the past 6 months, in some good ways, but I have also discovered some very painful things. I lost another friend...someone I thought was my best friend. Nothing crazy happened, I guess we just grew apart. In that happening, another friendship I had blossomed into one of the most beautiful relationships I have had with anyone. God giveth and he taketh away. I have just now come to terms with that.

I started going to church again, and I am in LOVE with it. Hannah told me about it, and at first I was skeptical, only because she told me it was a Baptist church (and I am from New York, I had never been to one). I have learned so much about myself in the past four or five months, and I am finally breaking down some of these barriers that took 25 years to build.

The kids are sick right now, but they have been doing amazing. Randy is over 20 lbs, and he is quite the little wiggle worm. I gave him the nickname "Happy Feet" because he is always so excited and he shows it through kicking...since he was in my belly!!! Alanna is learning so much lately, and she starts preschool in August (She missed the kindergarten cutoff date here on post by 8 days - I cussed about that quite a bit).

Dole should be home by the middle to end of May, and I cannot WAIT!!! Fifteen months is way too long!!!

Well, off to make my blog pretty :)

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