Monday, March 23, 2009

Four-Year-Olds are INSANE

Alanna was a MONSTER today. She wasn't a screaming maniac or anything...she was as imp as they come though. I told her I was going out in the back yard to pick up some branches (from trimming our shrub yesterday). What did she do? Snuck out the front door and ran around back to "scare" me. Mind you, she is in her underwear. I had some phone calls to make about finding a dermatologist that does the Botox for hyperhidrosis...and she was being INSANE while I was trying to talk to various dermatology offices.

If anyone can tell me if they or anyone they know had had the underarm injections of Botox for excessive sweating...let me know. I want to know how long they last! I have tried everything from pills to prescription antiperspirants. It has been hell, and nothing worked for over a week for me. I have been dealing with this for 15 yrs+ and it is time it's rectified once and for all.

Well, off to study...

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