Thursday, March 12, 2009

An angel...

I have to pick up my books today for next semester. I am taking Developmental Psychology and World Civilization. They are only 8 week classes here because it's on a military post, and our lives tend to change so dramatically in an instant, so the shorter the classes, the higher the likelihood that we will get to complete them.

I was on the phone with Hannah last night and she said, "What are you doing with the kids when you go to the bookstore?" When I told her I planned on taking them with me, she offered to come watch them while I ran my errand. I said to her, "Did you just sprout a halo and wings that I somehow missed?" and she laughed. Granted, the bookstore is TINY, and there are signs all around that say "Quiet please" that would have interesting to drag a 4 year old and a 7 month old into. That's just what you have to do when your husband is deployed though, you take your kids EVERYWHERE.

They pushed his flight up another week, so we are getting really excited!!! I know it's still another two months away, but compared to the 12 months we have already endured it is nothing. He will be coming home about a week after my semester ends, so all my finals will be out of the way and I can just relax until the end of July. We plan on coming up to New York for about a week over the summer, and my mom is keeping Alanna for two weeks after we leave then flying her back down to us. We wanted to go on a nice vacation when he comes home, but we decided on a nice long weekend in Gatlinburg instead. We will just get a nice cabin and check out the Ripley's museum and such. I heard they have this cool Earthquake restaurant where everything is upside down...don't know how the food will be, but I know Alanna will enjoy it.

Well I guess I should finish getting ready for the day, I have to remind myself to eat sometimes. I get so preoccupied with getting the kids fed, bathed and dressed that sometimes I look at the clock, it's already lunch time...and I haven't eaten. C'est la vie right?

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