Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I accomplished so much today, I feel awesome! I went to the PX and picked up gardening tools (since all we had is a plastic rake), topsoil, potting soil, pots, bulbs, etc. I went home and got the 10 ft or so of dirt all turned over and took the weeds out (no simple task in clay soil BY HAND), planted my bulbs and Alanna's strawberries. She is so thrilled that she now has her own little garden!!! I know I am going to have to pry her away from them, the kid is already asking when we can eat the strawberries!!!

We are counting down the day til Dole comes home, his flight keeps getting all switched around...but hey, that's the Army for ya!

My bestie is going in for surgery tomorrow, I am praying for her. Her hubby got to come home from Afghanistan to take care of their 3 children, so not all is lost. Not to mention a week laid up will be good for her!!! I know I would take surgery right now in a heartbeat if it meant I got some rest and got to read ahhahaha.

Well I feel like I was rode hard and put away wet, my shoulders ache from all the digging. Bed time for the cranky girl ♥

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