Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Horrible Boppy

I have never had a bad experience buying things from Fort Campbell Yard Sales. I have some absolutely STUPID people buy from me, but I have never been screwed. Well this woman advertised a Boppy (the U-shaped pillow you can use for breastfeeding or lay your bigger baby in to drink their bottle). Her description said "hardly used, brand-new condition" and she was asking $10. That's a little steep for a used Boppy (they are $30 new), but I figured what the heck, if it's like new then I'll get it, saves me $20. WRONG. She lives about 15 miles away and met me outside of gate 4, I handed her husband (who was smoking) the $10 and took the Boppy. The part that was hanging out of the bag looked nice and round and fluffy, so I didn't bother pulling it out and inspecting it. WELL, I got it in the car and I could smell the stale smoke on the Boppy, then when I took it out of the bag, the one side was fluffed, but the rest was flat as a pancake!!! This Boppy looked like it had been rode hard and put away wet. I was so pissed off, I got home and immediately washed and dried it, then fluffed the heck out of that stupid thing. Now it is round again, but lumpy as ever. I am so mad. And of COURSE, the first thing Randy did when I put him in it was throw up all over it. This Boppy is cursed.


Saturday, May 2, 2009


I haven't posted in a while because I had to go in on Tuesday to have two wisdom teeth removed. I got dry socket in the bottom one, and had to go AGAIN to the surgeon to get more painkillers and get it packed. The clove oil/antibiotic pad they shoved in there tastes NASTY, all the food and drinks I consume are tainted with the flavor of yuck. Enough whining.

I somehow managed to pull off a B in my history class, which is good, but I have such high expectations of myself and it was disappointing. I am confident I will get an A in psychology, I have such a passion for learning in that class so it's easy to pull off good grades. Having a rockin' professor doesn't hurt either!

Life is good. Dole comes home in 12 days, so I am busy getting ready for his return! I went and got him some goodies for him, and ditched all his old socks, white T's, boxers, etc and replenished them with fresh ones. I got him this awesome pair of Oakley's too, but he picked them out so it's not much of a surprise. I never know if he reads this or not, so I will keep everything else a surprise.

Mother's day is soon approaching, and he wanted some money to get me stuff. That's all fine and dandy, but I told him to wait until he comes home to spoil me, since I would rather have him here to see my reaction. It's not as special without him here, and we have gone through so many holidays without him for the past 15 months, so it is time to save one to enjoy with him this time.

My mom's health is worrying me, she has a couple issues that are very concerning. She is having problems dealing with being perimenopausal, stomach issues that have yet to be resolved, and now a growth in her right hand that needs to be removed. Being that she is an artist and a teacher...and right-handed, it is going to be a difficult recovery for her. If you know anything at all about my mother, you know she doesn't miss a beat. She just hasn't been herself, and I am very concerned.

My grandfather has been having issues with the heat, and had a form of heat exhaustion combined with an infection. He seemed to be doing better when I talked to them this morning, but I am still scared since he is going to be 81 this fall. My grandmother is STILL recovering from her knee replacement back in November, and it has been a long hard road for her. The thing that bothers me most is that I am 1,000 miles away from my family, and it is crushing me that I can't help them. Not that there is much that I can do with the two kids, but to at least SEE them would comfort me some.

I have to just give it to God, he has a plan for all of us, and whatever that may be I have to come to terms with it. Worrying doesn't solve anything, but prayer helps!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stress, Stress, and more stress...

It's late, I have to get some rest, but I need to blog. Surgery for my wisdom teeth is on Tuesday morning, and I have quite a bit of school work due right after that so I am rushing to get it all done by Monday night. FUN. Not so bad for my psychology class, but the history class...I will be the best feeling in the world when I submit my final exam. That means it's OVER. I think I can manage to pull off a B, but that rots since I have worked so darn hard but my teacher doesn't explain anything! He gives us questions to answer, but doesn't tell us how long the response should be...when I emailed him to ask, he didn't get back to me until AFTER I had to submit it. For a class that only has 3 exams for the whole term, it ROTS when you get a 75% on the first one! I got an 85% on the next one, and hopefully this one will be about the same. Ugh.

So on a brighter note, even though I am cramming for school, I have made it a priority to see my girlfriends too. Today I went to Hannah's so the kids could play for a bit, then off to Amanda & Patrick's (after transplanting some flowers Hannah gave me!) for a BBQ...then I swung by Anita's to say hi real quick and they invited me to stay for a bit. The kids were amazing, and we had such a great time! This morning on the webcam Randy waved to his daddy...the first time he ever waved! He also clapped his hands for the first time! All in front of his daddy :)

Tomorrow is church, then hanging with my Hannah...then off to a birthday party for our friend's son (we knew them from NY, the husband was in our old unit & just got stationed here)...then off to Anita's for a BBQ/party thing. Her hubby got back a little over two weeks ago and I got to seem him tonight. If only mine could come home now...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Holy Crap, A Nap!!!

Randy was super cranky today, and napping was apparently not on his agenda. He gave me hell all day, so finally I decided to sit on the couch and watch some CSI, and rocked him to sleep in my arms. For the next 2 hours, the 25-lb sack of potatoes laid on my chest and napped!!! Of course I fell asleep, which was incredible since naps are so rare for me.

Shawn is coming back tonight, he should be here soon so I am going to make breakfast for dinner. I don't feel like eating dinner I think my beer batter pancakes, thick cut bacon and omelettes will have to do. I am starving.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Second Attempt

I was going to write my blog, but discovered I didn't have very many nice things to say first thing this morning (due to a certain minor events that did not particularly involve me, but hurt my feelings nonetheless). So I stuck to the old saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all."

Today was uneventful, except that I got to see my Hannah after TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!! We both agreed that we didn't realize how much we missed each other until we hung out again. We have so much fun together, and I think it possibly has something to do with the fact that we are equally insane. The three bigger kids were running around the living room yelling while Abby was sleeping in her car seat, and we were attempting to keep them in Alanna's room while we cooked. All Hannah could do was sit on the footstool and giggle every time I ran out to shoo them back into Alanna's room. What a pair we make! You would be amazed how well we cope with 5 kids in the house, ages 7 mos, 8 mos, two 4 year olds and a 5 year old!!!

This evening brings me to something in my developmental psychology book:

Expressive tie: a social link formed when we invest ourselves in and commit ourselves to another person (i.e. friends, family, lovers) Through association with people who are meaningful to us, we gain a sense of security, love, acceptance, companionship, and personal worth.

Primary relationships: social interactions that rest on expressive ties, we view these relationships as ends in themselves, valuing in their own right. These relationships tend to be personal, intimate, and cohesive.

I love my friends, each and every one of them. They give me strength and words of encouragement when I think I absolutely cannot make it through one more day. For them I am ever grateful.

On a side note, I LOVE my psychology professor. She is an amazing woman, and I have gained so much from taking her classes (I took her class last semester too), both academically and personally. She is so encouraging in many ways, and I think that getting her for some of my first college classes has made such a lasting impression. Now only if my history teacher would work on his game a little...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crazies on Campbell!!! (YES, MORE of them!)

Soooo, on Thursday I had some friends over and we let the kids go outside to play. Within a few minutes some bigger girl (about 7-8 years old) pushed Alanna off the merry-go-round into this stinky stagnant mud puddle and KICKED my baby girl!!! She had mud EVERYWHERE, in her hair, her mouth, her eyes, her get the point. So this little girl started coming towards me (she was about 50 yards away) and saying "She was...", and I yelled "STOP, I saw the whole thing, do NOT come near my daughter, you have done enough damage, I have a good mind to go find your mother".

The little girl runs home, I get Alanna in the house and my friend Amanda starts to clean her up for me. I went across the playground to get Kaylei (Amanda's daughter), and about 5 other kids started telling me what happened and I told them I saw it, but thanked them for letting me know. Well, as I am walking Kaylei back this woman comes flying out of her house screaming every cuss word in the book in front of all the neighborhood kids...threatening me for yelling at her daughter. I said something about white trash, told her she was inappropriate for cussing in front children, I see where her daughter got her manners, etc.

I called the MP's to report it, and the one guy took my statement (just in case this woman tried anything in the future), and the her kids can't go to our playground anymore. Well there were 2 other MP's going in and out of my house, and my kitchen doorway is right next to my front door, and they were standing in my kitchen where I couldn't see them.

Well, I go to take my Vicodan (I have 2 wisdom teeth that are scheduled for surgery on the 28th...I am in excruciating pain until then)...and they whole bottle is GONE...just GONE. The people that were in my house that day had been in my house every single day since I got my pills, so I highly doubt they took them. Not only that, but these people are the furthest thing from dirt bags, I don't hang out with slime (anymore lol). Not only that, one is breastfeeding, the other one my husband and I consider family and it's not even a question that he would have done it, and the other person divorced her ex husband because he was heavy into drugs, especially pills. It's not just unlikely that any of these people would have taken them, but it's damn near impossible. BUT I know for a fact that the MP's here have been investigated previously for drugs, AND I have heard first-hand stories of people doing drugs WITH the MP's. SO when my Vicodan went missing, it was OBVIOUS who did it.

Needless to say, I had no painkillers so I went to bed in horrible pain and slept like garbage. I went the next morning and filled my new script so I am not totally screwed, but I am so furious that the people you are supposed to TRUST in your home STEAL from you. Oh I am furious.

BUT the reason I haven't been blogging much is because of school. I got 100 out of 100 points on my 10 page paper, 10 out of 10 points on my 3 page paper, and an 85 on my history exam which was 30 paragraph essays. Yay!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life is rough

The tail end of this deployment is creating a lot of stress, with school and everything I am just wiped. The good news is that we have less than a month until Dole comes home so I hope everything falls into place well. School is supposed to end around the 6th I think, so by the time he comes home the stress of school will be over!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Been a while but...

The past few days have been insane...hell, life in general has been insane. My husband's best friend came home from Afghanistan so I had his family coming into town. I adore them and so do the kids, they are a great family. Last night Shawn and Meg came by, and it was really nice. It hurt really bad to see him without seeing my husband, but that's just how it works I guess. I realized something from their visit though.

Shawn was talking about my husband and telling me stories from "over there". I missed him like hell right then and there, and realized that I don't talk about him or hear about him much. I mean, I talk to him twice a day sometimes, and I don't avoid conversations involving him...but to hear someone else that loves him (even if it's bromance) talk about just hit me that he isn't here. I realized that I try not to think about my husband in ways that would make me miss him more than I already do. I distance myself to make this horrible span of time without seem just a little more bearable. That doesn't mean I love him any less, that's just the way I cope.

No one who hasn't been in this position before could possibly understand what I am talking about, and yet, some people think they have the right to judge how I/we handle this deployment (I will leave out names right now, but if you keep up on my blogs it won't be hard to figure out who I am referring to). The urge to punch them in the mouth has not yet subsided, but that's okay...

So anyway...looks like he should be home in around a month. I am staying insanely busy with school and the kids, so I am hoping it will fly by. I do miss him. This big hole in my heart and my life will be whole again soon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

To my darling husband...

This is off of Eric Church's new album "Carolina"

You Make it Look so Easy

I got a hard head, I get that from my dad
And I can overreact maybe just a tad
I put up walls to show the world I'm tough
When i don't get my way, I get difficult
But when it comes to lovin' me
Baby you make it look so easy

You're my refuge from the road
A safe place to go
When I'm out here livin' on this ledge
And when I'm circlin' the drain
You keep my crazy sane
And quiet all the voices in my head

I'm probably wrong more than I say
And I'd point that out if you were that way
Yeah I'm hard to love and ever harder to live with
And I know there's days when you just want to up and quit
But when it comes to lovin' me
Baby you make it look so easy

You're my compass when I'm lost
My anchor when I get tossed
And the right way when all I can do is wrong
Sometimes I drink 'til I fall down
but your arms save me from the ground
And hold me 'til all the hurt is gone

I got a hard head, I was born that way
And that makes me wrong more than I say
But I thank God you got a hard head too
I guess he must have known you'd need that
To get us through
'Cause when it comes to lovin' me
Baby you make it look so easy
Yeah baby you make it look so easy

Friday, April 3, 2009


Life really rots right now. Dole needs to hurry home.

Monday, March 30, 2009

New Living Room!!!

So today I got the urging to go to Chuck's Furniture (where we got our bedroom set), and fell in love with this couch. I haggled a bit, and wasn't happy with the price so I told them I would be back if I couldn't find a better price. On my way out the door they lowered it by TWO HUNDRED bucks, and threw in a free 5-year warranty. Awesome...that means I didn't have to drag two insane kids to other stores, woohoo!!! I am going to pick up my new living room set in the morning from one of the girls on post (I found an Ashley entertainment center, coffee table and two end tables for $250, she says they are immaculate, only 9 months old).

Tomorrow, we will have a totally new living room. I am just sad that Dole isn't here to do this, but at the same time he can just come home and everything will be amazing...and without all the work!

Off to talk to the honey now...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh and Yeahhhhh

Hannah is superbly smart and decided not to drag her three children out today to get the few staple items before the BIG grocery shopping...CAN YOU BLAME THE GIRL? NO. So since I didn't have my kids with me I picked up her kibble and dropped it off before going home. Not a minute had passed when she says "You're totally different without your kids with you." Now, for those of you who don't know Hannah well, she is not one of those people to insult you, so I knew it HAD to be different in a good way. Then she says "When our husbands come home and we actually get to hang out without our kids, it will be like meeting two entirely new people!"

SHE COULDN'T BE MORE RIGHT! I mean come on, if we are such amazing friends with our 5 children swarming about us 24/7, then it's gonna be INCREDIBLE when we don't have monkeys hanging off our backs, ankles (and boobs). Anyone who can maintain a friendship during the roughest times in each others lives will most assuredly have a BLAST when things start to go a little more smoothly again! Crap, we have been "single" moms since we met about 6 months ago! When I say "single moms", I mean single in the respect that we have to do everything alone...including SLEEP alone (for those of you that think that when your husband is deployed it's perfectly okay to sleep with another man...or even worse, MEN).

I miss my girls from back home much it hurts. BUT I am glad I have the few great friends I have here to ease some of the heartache of missin my besties!!!


Randy has been sick AGAIN...fever, and he vomited twice (not even remotely like baby spit-up, the nasty kind that is projectile and covers everything in its path). The first time was when I had my friend Anita and Wendy over for dinner and we had JUST finished eating. Thank GOD Wendy used to be a trauma nurse so she is quite accustomed to human waste. Poor Anita...she just can't hang with the puke (which I was COVERED in from the waste down, and Randy was totally drenched in). While I was changing my soppy clothes, they were awesome and changed him and jammied him up :) I love my girlfriends!!!

Of course, I barely got ANY studying done so now I am cramming it into every single moment I have. Lots of work to do and not enough time without screaming children. Not to mention Alanna has been acting like a monster...ohhhhh she has been making me sooo mad!!! I tell her not to do something, so she sticks her tongue out at me. I tell her to do something, I get "I don't want to".

What am I to do?! I have to spend the time studying that I SHOULD be spending with my insane child...maybe she is just looking for attention. LESS THAN TWO MORE MONTHS OF THIS INSANITY WOOHOO!!! Dole should be home in about 6 weeks, that's the consensus.

The A's came by and watched the kids for me so I could run to the the commissary, and they are helping me out Tuesday when I go pick up our new living room furniture. We are getting a new entertainment center, end tables and a coffee table. They are Ashley, and really super nice! I am buying big baskets to go underneath (one under each end table for the kids' toys, and two under the coffee table for magazines and other such adult crap we shall accumulate)...I am going to check out Wal-Mart, Target and Pier1 I suppose. The hunt begins. BOTH the super perfect awesome couches I wanted were sold over the weekend, I hope I find something amazing!!! I am not going out to buy new ones, but if a great deal comes along on then I will snatch it right up!!! I know what I want and I am now it's just a matter of keeping my eyes out.

Off to do some more work, I am almost done with my history exam (which consists of 10 questions that contain 3 essay questions each)...and studying for a 3 chapter test for psychology. When Dole comes home I will be done with spring semester, so I will have a nice 2 or 3 month break to refresh the brain cells...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lobster, anyone?

Hannah and I went tanning today, and we both got red. It's not horrible, but just enough to be a minor discomfort. We are going to do a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday beautifying treatment so that by the time our guys get home we should have a nice glow to us :)

In other news, my neighbor diagonal from me is blatantly having numerous affairs while her husband is deployed, she doesn't even try to hide it. There is a different car in their driveway every time I take notice. No shame.

And...Power Point presentations can be a great way of expressing your annoyance. Everyone should try it some time. It's a great stress reliever.

Off to finish (hopefully) my history exam...and work on my psychology paper...and study for my psychology quiz that opened today...wish me luck homies.

Being Poor is a Blessing!!!

I checked my email this morning to find something from KHEAA (Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority)...and when I registered into the site this is what I got!!! So being poor is now a good thing...we not only get WIC but I have plenty of money for school, woohoo!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Quick One

I have an exam due for World Civilization and an essay due for psyche on Tuesday, and a 10 page paper due for psyche due the I need to get crackin on these assignments. I have been working on them, yes...but the kids' behavior during the day and their sleeping patterns at night have not been condusive to me getting much work done.

I mowed the yard today and broke a sweat...which means spring is here!!! This excites me!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The look on Alanna's face perfectly depicts the level of her mischief the past two days. The kids have been very happy, but VERY energetic.

All I did today was work on my paper for psychology...I had to pick a topic along the lines of child development and find RELIABLE resources (i.e. textbooks, scholarly journals, doctor articles, etc). I chose the benefits of breastfeeding as my topic, and I am hoping to focus on cognitive development and intelligence.

I ended up getting a horrible headache from staring at the computer screen all day, so I took a break and caught up on my DVR. I am finishing up my blog and going to study for my world civilization class...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Four-Year-Olds are INSANE

Alanna was a MONSTER today. She wasn't a screaming maniac or anything...she was as imp as they come though. I told her I was going out in the back yard to pick up some branches (from trimming our shrub yesterday). What did she do? Snuck out the front door and ran around back to "scare" me. Mind you, she is in her underwear. I had some phone calls to make about finding a dermatologist that does the Botox for hyperhidrosis...and she was being INSANE while I was trying to talk to various dermatology offices.

If anyone can tell me if they or anyone they know had had the underarm injections of Botox for excessive sweating...let me know. I want to know how long they last! I have tried everything from pills to prescription antiperspirants. It has been hell, and nothing worked for over a week for me. I have been dealing with this for 15 yrs+ and it is time it's rectified once and for all.

Well, off to study...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bi-Polar Day

Today started off nasty. I got a nasty e-mail over absolutely nothing...the silliest thing in the world. The moral of the story is that if this person actually trusted me like they say they do, then my actions should not be questioned. End of story.

Then, someone commented my Facebook status with "why did you ever get married when you knew he would be in Iraq? All I hear from you is negativity". FIRST: HE IS IN AFGHANISTAN. Second: This person is NOT one to be preaching to ME about marriage! Third: My Facebook status is RARELY negative, only when I have had an emotionally or physically exhausting day, or when someone does something wretched to me and my feelings are hurt. I am not one to hide emotions, and if you don't like that, STOP READING MY $H!T!!! You don't like it, don't snoop on my Facebook and write me nasty crap! Don't read my blogs! You have an issue with me, CALL ME, IM ME, EMAIL ME...but do NOT embarrass me in front of my family and friends on my Facebook wall. Well, I removed said person (who has verbal dysentery) from my firnds list. Good riddance.So after all this I decided what the heck...I am going to go to church early. Even if I am just standing around doing nothing, at least I am around positive people who care about me more than SOME people (obviously) and they are total strangers. Since this is personal to me, and Hannah and I had some sacred, personal moments...I will not give you the details...BUT I became a Christian today. It's not like it was on my list of things to accomplish for the day, it's something that just HITS you like a Mack truck. I know some of you are reading this and rolling your eyes, but this is really important to me. This is important to my family. If you don't agree with it, fine. But this is what I believe in...and it is a big part of my life. I didn't join a cult, I became a Christian. I am going to be Baptised (again)...not dressed in some white frilly sack while my parents give me to some guy in a robe...not that there was anything wrong with my first baptism, I just don't remember it.

BUT I did develop quite a terrible headache from crying all morning...that even a Fioricet couldn't shake away. Hannah and I spent about 9 hours together with the kids between church and my house...where did it go? She tells me it's almost 7pm, then I looked at her and said "Yeah, the sun is starting to set Hannah, how did we not figure out how late it was?"

I love my life. I do. I just have to really let go of these silly things that people say and do...and give them to God to sort out. I struggle with that the most, my worries and fears overwhelm me sometimes, especially with the curveballs life has thrown lately. I am just lucky I have a friend that can shake me and say "Meg! Give it to God". She is so patient too, she knows just what to say and when to say it. What a gift.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Definition of Best Friend

I have some awesome friends, they are my besties. These are the girls who have stuck by my side through the thickest of the thick, and I just love them so much that words can't even do it justice. I don't know how I would have coped through this deployment without their sweet words of encouragement, then continuously telling me what a great job I am doing, and backing up my choices (no matter how tough they are to make). This deployment has shown me more than ever who is really there for me, and who genuinely cares. I have made some new and incredible friends, and I have also lost some. Like I have stated in the past...the Lord giveth and he taketh away. Everything happens for a reason, even when you don't know what that reason is.

The day started out crappy to say the least. The kids didn't go to bed until way past their bedtimes last night. I figured they would just sleep in and I could get some studying done or some things accomplished around the house. Let me tell you, I couldn't have been more wrong. So when Randy woke up an hour earlier than he usually does, and he went to bed THREE hours late, I yes again ASSUMED he would take a decent nap. Yet again, I am a complete idiot. He screamed his head off from about 7am until after lunch time. (Except for the 20 minutes Dole and I were on the webcam of course -- how come daddys always get the good side of the kids?!)

Hannah and I did our usual 3-5 phone calls to each other during the course of the day (and yes, we live about 5 minutes away on post). She and I both did not accomplish as much as we should or could of, and we were being complete crankypants. Not to each other, heck, we even got a few good laughs in. (There is a point to his I swear!)

Sooooo she decided to make breakfast for dinner, but after telling the kids this she realizes she is out of Bisquick. When you have a 4 and a 5 year old that are really excited about having pancakes for dinner, this is NOT GOOD!!! Luckily I am a Sam's Club-aholic, so I have my super economy box...I measure out the 2 cups, stick in a plastic baggie and took off to her rescue. SO I am in the car, and I flipped thru the stations and settled on this rockin song on the Christian station (88.3 WAY FM). The more I listened, the more I fell in love with the song. It's what you would get if the Black Eyed Peas sang Christian music.

I get out of the car with Hannah's goodies in my hands (which included some celebrity gossip mags and the new VS catalogs)...and I say, "Does WAY FM have a website that I can find out which song was just played, this is going to bug the crap out of me until I figured it out!" She asked how it went, and of course I just stand there like "duhhhhh ummmm it had the word victorious in it teehee". No lying, the girl hands me a she had burned for me while I was on my way over, and it's got that song on it!!! There is NO WAY she could have known I would hear it on my way over, she just burned it because she thought I would like it (and boy she was right). I am now in love with Group 1 Crew who sings the song (called "Keys to the Kingdom").

She melted my heart, and also gave me some double chocolate's to amazing friendsm with amazing intuition!!!

My bestie Jenna is recovering from her surgery, her husband is getting to stay home until May to help her out with their 3 children. I am so happy he got to stay home, I offered to come help out after he left (he was only supposed to come home for a week) but it looks like they got it covered!

In other trajic knews, my bestie Christina broke her ankle...teaching her son to rollerskate at a birthday party no less. BTW Christina I hope you are reading this...Dole laughed at you! So now she is also forced to take a break, and the men of the house are forced to give a helping hand with the household. A little taste of what the daily grind is like for her won't hurt them, that's for sure!

Well I have a TON of school work to do...a 10 page paper for psychology needs a topic chosen, I have 9 essays due by April 1st for my World Civilization class, not to mention the other psychology work that's coming up. Ho hum, such is life. I have to say, I am glad I decided to start going to school to fill the time until he comes home...I won't be like half the wives I have met here who are still slutting around Ft Campbell two days before their husband comes home from Iraq. You can do one of two things while your husband is gone...pour your heart and soul into everything you can to pass the time and be PRODUCTIVE, or you can throw your marriage down the shitter and whore around. Needless to say, I like being productive. I am a fan of my marriage too, so I'd like to keep it intact (although I am sure there are some people who would loooove to see me screw it up).

Friday, March 20, 2009

Today did not begin well at all. Dole and I are so fed up with this deployment, it's eating at our patience with each other. Thank God our love for each other is strong, and we both know how to make a swift heartfelt apology and admit when we are wrong. This deployment is tough, but we are stronger.

I had plans to go out and get some shopping done, and I am glad I waited because someone offered to watch the kids for me so I could go out in peace and quiet. I ended up getting my nails done, which I have meaning to do forever...and I got some silly things from the PX that we have been needing but I always forget. They had the Cherry Blossom Market on clearance (it's part of the Rose Petal Cottage line), so I picked it up for Alanna. I figured she could set it up out on the back patio since the weather has been so nice! Lord only knows where I will keep it when it's not outside, but I will figure it out I guess. Maybe this can convince her to donate some more of her toys to make space for it in her room.

My neighbor Chardonnay's son had his 2nd birthday party tonight at Chuck-E-Cheese, and we were an hour late. Randy was a crappy napper today so when it was time to go and he was still sleeping, I let the kid sleep. Alanna had a nice time anyway and got have cake, so it all worked out.

I feel sorry for whoever actually reads this blog, it's so boring...I need to spice it up a bit I guess.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I forgot to post why I didn't post for a few days. The kids got really sick, and I was just burnt out nursing my kiddos back to health. Randy got RSV and a double ear infection, to the point he was in respiratory distress. We went to the doctor and his O2 saturation & hydration was good so they didn't admit him. Alanna is older so her body didn't take it as rough as Randy's (although she had a fever for 3 days that worried me!) I got a little bit of it, but not nearly as bad as the babes.

They are doing much better now, since Monday morning they have made a nice recovery. I am still wiping snot, but hey, they can breathe! I am catching up on my sleep now that they are feeling better and only waking up once or twice at night as opposed to ALL night.

For those of you I spoke to, thank you for your prayers and encouragement. If it weren't for Hannah being here for me I woulnd't have known what the heck to do! You know you have a great friend when she has 3 kids of her own (one being sick as well with RSV - we think we got it from one of the babies in the church daycare), a deployed husband, yet STILL took Alanna for me so I could get Randy checked out. I am so blessed.
Today was very eventful, which is wonderful when all you want in the world is for time to fly by. Alyssa emailed me this morning saying she was bored, asking if I would like some company, so I jumped on it! I love having her around, and so do the kids. When I was 13, I know I took any escape route possible to break the monotony even just the slightest bit. Plus, I think it's important for Alanna to bond with her sister. We got some yard work done (I have an evil evil evil bush in my back yard, it's horrendous), so we trimmed my bush ahhahahahah. We watched the last episode of House, MD and baked some cookies. We went for a walk since it was in the high 50's today, it was nice to get out and move about in this sunny weather!

My neighbor invited us to her son's 2nd birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese tomorrow. Awesome, that place on a Friday night...I would rather play in battery acid...but hell, it's for the kids, right? Alanna has been begging me to go, but with the weather being so nice (that and the fact we have a playground in our back yard) I don't see the point in spending money to go play inside.

I am getting some school work done, hooray for motivation! Now that the kids have been feeling better I am catching up on some much needed sleep. Do you have any idea how hard it is to study World Civilization when you are mentally and physically exhausted? At least Developmental Psychology is interesting!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a day. At least I got some sun, that's all I can say. It ended well enough, but I had some ornery children. I had a lot of motivation to do great things, but too many things holding me back from doing them. Pfft. I got the front yard cleaned up the rest of the way, which included raking under my bush (hahahhahahah NO you pervs). I got my Victoria's Secret order today and my Arbonne order. I was thrilled about both, but in the mood I was in, maybe trying on lingerie wasn't the best idea. I felt like 10 lbs of shit stuffed into a 5 lb sack. Hannah and I had quite the comical conversation while I was debating whether or not to return it all. Well, I am keeping it, but now I have to work my ass off and pray I look like one of the VS models before the end of May. I miss my pre-child body...c'est la vie.

If you want a little husband gave me an allowance today, for Victoria's Secret. I now have a set amount I HAVE to spend each month, and if I don't use that set amount, it gets rolled over to the next month. Mind you, this allowance is not to decrease my spending, it is to ENSURE I spend it. My husband is the type of guy that if I don't get something for myself, he goes and picks it out. To ensure I get what I want, I will place the orders myself. Oh darn :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I accomplished so much today, I feel awesome! I went to the PX and picked up gardening tools (since all we had is a plastic rake), topsoil, potting soil, pots, bulbs, etc. I went home and got the 10 ft or so of dirt all turned over and took the weeds out (no simple task in clay soil BY HAND), planted my bulbs and Alanna's strawberries. She is so thrilled that she now has her own little garden!!! I know I am going to have to pry her away from them, the kid is already asking when we can eat the strawberries!!!

We are counting down the day til Dole comes home, his flight keeps getting all switched around...but hey, that's the Army for ya!

My bestie is going in for surgery tomorrow, I am praying for her. Her hubby got to come home from Afghanistan to take care of their 3 children, so not all is lost. Not to mention a week laid up will be good for her!!! I know I would take surgery right now in a heartbeat if it meant I got some rest and got to read ahhahaha.

Well I feel like I was rode hard and put away wet, my shoulders ache from all the digging. Bed time for the cranky girl ♥

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bragging Rights

I had to post this, I am so darn proud of myself. Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive along the way, I couldn't have done it without you!!!

An angel...

I have to pick up my books today for next semester. I am taking Developmental Psychology and World Civilization. They are only 8 week classes here because it's on a military post, and our lives tend to change so dramatically in an instant, so the shorter the classes, the higher the likelihood that we will get to complete them.

I was on the phone with Hannah last night and she said, "What are you doing with the kids when you go to the bookstore?" When I told her I planned on taking them with me, she offered to come watch them while I ran my errand. I said to her, "Did you just sprout a halo and wings that I somehow missed?" and she laughed. Granted, the bookstore is TINY, and there are signs all around that say "Quiet please" that would have interesting to drag a 4 year old and a 7 month old into. That's just what you have to do when your husband is deployed though, you take your kids EVERYWHERE.

They pushed his flight up another week, so we are getting really excited!!! I know it's still another two months away, but compared to the 12 months we have already endured it is nothing. He will be coming home about a week after my semester ends, so all my finals will be out of the way and I can just relax until the end of July. We plan on coming up to New York for about a week over the summer, and my mom is keeping Alanna for two weeks after we leave then flying her back down to us. We wanted to go on a nice vacation when he comes home, but we decided on a nice long weekend in Gatlinburg instead. We will just get a nice cabin and check out the Ripley's museum and such. I heard they have this cool Earthquake restaurant where everything is upside down...don't know how the food will be, but I know Alanna will enjoy it.

Well I guess I should finish getting ready for the day, I have to remind myself to eat sometimes. I get so preoccupied with getting the kids fed, bathed and dressed that sometimes I look at the clock, it's already lunch time...and I haven't eaten. C'est la vie right?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From scratch

I decided to start my blog again. I removed all the old postings and just started from scratch. Since I last wrote, life has changed so much. I went to NY for 5 weeks for the holidays, and since I got home life has been insane. Good, but insane. I have been in school full-time, with 2 kids and a deployed blogging came last for a while. Life has changed drastically for me in the past 6 months, in some good ways, but I have also discovered some very painful things. I lost another friend...someone I thought was my best friend. Nothing crazy happened, I guess we just grew apart. In that happening, another friendship I had blossomed into one of the most beautiful relationships I have had with anyone. God giveth and he taketh away. I have just now come to terms with that.

I started going to church again, and I am in LOVE with it. Hannah told me about it, and at first I was skeptical, only because she told me it was a Baptist church (and I am from New York, I had never been to one). I have learned so much about myself in the past four or five months, and I am finally breaking down some of these barriers that took 25 years to build.

The kids are sick right now, but they have been doing amazing. Randy is over 20 lbs, and he is quite the little wiggle worm. I gave him the nickname "Happy Feet" because he is always so excited and he shows it through kicking...since he was in my belly!!! Alanna is learning so much lately, and she starts preschool in August (She missed the kindergarten cutoff date here on post by 8 days - I cussed about that quite a bit).

Dole should be home by the middle to end of May, and I cannot WAIT!!! Fifteen months is way too long!!!

Well, off to make my blog pretty :)